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Art of the Possible: Visual Analytics for Sales and Marketing Webinar

Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion. Having an accurate visualization of your sales data means more powerful pipeline insights. It means people will listen to you, and you can skip bureaucracy to drive the bottom line forward and meet your quota.Track and analyze real-time or near-real-time indicators to make sure that you and your sales team are top-performers, and keep key sales metrics in sight.

Why stop at at just sales insights? When marketing has insights into what's working for sales, magic happens. Gone are the days of acting on gut instinct alone. Data-driven marketing has emerged, and the more data you have—the better. Explore your data to understand trends and design new campaigns. Monitor the success of your campaigns and analyze metrics to maximize the value you get from your marketing data.

Watch this webinar, focused on the art of the possible for sales and marketing professionals working in analytics. You'll hear a real-life use case from a local marketing professional, as well examples of how Tableau's own sales and marketing teams use Tableau to make faster, and better data-driven decisions.

Tableau on Tableau - See how the Tableau sales and marketing teams use Tableau to make faster and smarter data-driven decisions
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