Live Webinar

Andy Kirk: The Design of Time

We are sorry to inform you that this webinar has been cancelled.

In the field of data visualisation, the most compelling demonstration of storytelling is undoubtedly the representation of time series data.

In this live webinar, data visualisation expert Andy Kirk will teach you a wide range of techniques to help you better understand seasonal trends, distinct points in time, and multiple measurements at once over time. See for yourself which visualisation methods are best for your type of data, your audience, and the story you want to tell.

Join Andy Kirk to learn how to visualise time using...

  • Diminutive sparklines
  • The two-sided trends of slope graphs
  • The ebb and flow of a stream graph
  • The hand-crafted nature of timelines
  • About the speakers

    Andy Kirk

    Data Visualisation Specialist and Founder of

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