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Analyzing Shopify Data with Lovelytics + Tableau

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Shopify has simplified and automated the eCommerce process for thousands of retail and eCommerce organizations. At least 20 percent of the world’s eCommerce companies use the online shopping platform today.

However, many organizations struggle to access the data in a timely and accurate manner. Join UNTUCKit and Lovelytics to hear how the UNTUCKit used Snowflake and Tableau to efficiently and accurately analyze their Shopify data and make critical business decisions. Learn how Lockie Andrews, CIO and CDO of UNTUCKit, and her team created a data-driven culture that resulted in all employees, from the CEO to the retail team to the merchandisers, having access to pre-built Tableau dashboards and governed data sources for ad-hoc analysis.

About the speakers

Scott Love

CEO and Founder - Lovelytics

Lockie Andrews