On-Demand Webinar

Analytics for Retailers: Using Location-Based Data to Increase Sales

Location-based data (LBD) is being used more and more frequently by retailers to gather and analyze point of sales (POS) data. But understanding what all of this data means and turning it into information can often be confusing. But don't fret! There are many ways to make deciphering that data easier, such as using visual data analysis and mapping tools.

Listen in to this lively and interactive webinar with Asif Khan, the executive director of the Location-Based Marketing Association and Matt James, Sr. Director, Strategy & Analytics at Redbox, as they discuss best practices and key takeaways around the LBD landscape, including how to use visual data analysis to help drive sales and stay competitive.

Attendees to this webinar will learn the following:

  • an overview of location-based data
  • how to use LBD to increase sales
  • a case study about how Redbox used LBD to successfully choose locations for its kiosks
  • and so much more

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