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Analytical Insights to Power Customer Growth

In theory, most companies have the same goals: customer acquisition, retention, growth. Unfortunately, the reality is that it can be a daunting task to collect the data necessary to drive action; to clean it, combine it, and make sense of the data in accessible, compelling ways that gain acceptance throughout an organization.

Learn how to integrate predictive analytics, campaign results, transactional data, and disparate online and offline data sources to deliver the critical insights to enable your marketing and sales teams.

Attend this webinar and see how to effectively:

  • Track campaigns and ROI
  • Share your insights with other stakeholders (in and outside your organization)
  • Empower your marketing team with data

Who should attend?

Marketers who are struggling to use data from multiple sources or help foster an environment of data-driven decision making. Anyone looking to drive business success with an integrated multi-channel data strategy.

Andrew Lucyszyn, Director of Business Intelligence & Digital Analytics, SIGMA Marketing Insights


Anthony Salas, American Marketing Association

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