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Advice & Tips from an Alteryx ACE

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Alteryx ACEs are similar to Tableau Zen Masters – they have been recognized for the amazing things they do with data every day. And even if you’re not an ACE or Zen Master, you’re probably doing amazing things with data every day as well! But what if you could do even more? Alteryx enables data analysts with faster data blending for Tableau, allowing them to spend more time visualizing their data-leading to faster, more impactful data driven decisions within an organization.

Register for this webinar and learn how Alteryx ACE and Tableau guru Cathy Bridges improved data driven decisions at her organization and accelerated her career by using Alteryx to prepare data for Tableau:

• Get tips and tricks on faster data blending for Tableau
• Learn how an analytic process that took 6 months was reduced to 2 weeks
• Get advice on how to build your first repeatable analytics workflow in Alteryx

This webinar is in partnership with Alteryx.

About the speakers

Cathy Bridges

Senior Data Analyst