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Advanced Visualizations Made Easy

A picture is worth a million rows. Data visualization with Tableau makes insights come alive with impact and communicates complex ideas simply. Expressive visualization enables you to get beyond static charts to create multi-faceted views of data and explore every dimension. That’s why data visualization is prompting a cultural shift toward more analytical, data-driven organizations by empowering users to explore their data.
During this session we will discuss how to assess, critique and improve data visualizations with real life examples.

Tableau becomes a natural extension of your thought process, making it drag-and-drop easy to uncover hidden opportunities. Tableau automatically evaluates the selected fields and gives you the option of several types of views that would be appropriate for those fields. Like bar charts, line charts, maps, histograms, heat maps and more.

These visualizations are formats you can easily create, but Tableau allows to do much more! During this 60 minute presentation, see how Tableau is making it drag-and-drop easy to uncover hidden opportunities by creating visualizations such as control chart, bump chart, and waterfall chart.

• Introduction
• How to leverage Show me
• Other type of visualizations with few clicks
• Available resources

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