On-Demand Webinar

Actionable Analytics for Healthcare Providers

Analytic challenges and opportunities are shaking up the healthcare industry. Policy and regulatory changes that affect financial reimbursement and patient-care performance evaluation are forcing organizations to move quickly to improve data analysis. Electronic health records, emerging health information exchanges, and other data services are providing new and valuable data. Highly visual and easily understood data presentation and analysis are now vital to many financial, clinical, and patient-care decisions.

Healthcare providers in particular must upgrade how their financial, clinical, and patient-care professionals access data and apply the powers of analysis. The new generation of tools for business intelligence, visual presentation, and analytic data discovery are easier for nontechnical users to implement than older generations of technology. They can help organizations move away from slow, manual, spreadsheet-based processes and replace them with more productive approaches.

This special webinar, produced jointly by TDWI and MedTech Media (a division of HIMSS Media) will discuss how healthcare provider organizations can overcome data challenges and deploy business intelligence, analytics, and visual dashboards to accomplish financial, clinical, and patient-care objectives. Drawing from real-world experiences at Swedish Medical Group, a large, integrated health system, the speakers will discuss key trends and provide detail about how to implement business intelligence effectively.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How business intelligence and data analytics can be applied to specific challenges faced by healthcare providers’ financial, clinical, and patient-care personnel
  • How Swedish Medical Group, a large, integrated health system, successfully implemented leading-edge analytics and business intelligence
  • How technologies such as data visualization, dashboards, data discovery, and analytics can positively impact financial, clinical, and patient-care decisions

Guest Speakers:

David Delafield, Chief Financial Officer, Swedish Medical Group

Ted Corbett, Founder, Vizual Outcomes, LLC