On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate your Advanced Analytics: R, Python & MATLAB

Advanced analytics is a journey that involves understanding the past, predicting the future and finding the best course of action to attain goals. Be it via built-in visualisations, forecasting and clustering, or custom machine learning models built in R, Python or Matlab, Tableau can help every step of the way.

During this webinar our data experts will teach you how to combine R, Python and Matlab with Tableau, including a number of example use cases. Attend to explore what’s possible with advanced analytics, when and how to use specific features, and the best places to apply them so you can overcome your toughest analytical challenges.

This is part of the Advanced analytics for data scientists webinar series.

About the speakers

Erik Polano

Associate Solution Architect, Tableau

Erwin van Laar

Manager, Product Consultant, Tableau

Britt Staniar

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau
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