Live Webinar

Best Practices for Using Tableau with Snowflake

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Snowflake and Tableau are leading technologies that address the twin challenges of harnessing the ever-increasing volumes of varying data, and democratizing modern data analytics so all business users can extract valuable insight from that data.

Join our webinar, “Best Practices for Using Tableau with Snowflake”, to learn how to effectively leverage Snowflake and Tableau together to accelerate business intelligence. During the webinar, speakers from both companies will share insights on:

  • How to make your dashboards run faster and scale out with better results
  • How to easily work with semi-structured data
  • How to access previous versions of your data
  • How to use the information schema to understand query performance
  • How to use custom aggregations, and more!

About the speakers

Conor Knowles

Product Marketing - Technology Partners

Alan Eldridge

Director of Sales Engineering, APAC at Snowflake Computing