On-Demand Webinar

Introduction to Tableau

If you're new to Tableau or need a refresher on Tableau basics, this session is for you.

In this interactive, introduction to Tableau, you'll learn how to visually analyze data with Tableau. We'll cover:

  • Connecting to data
  • Creating your first viz
  • Building a dashboard
  • Sharing your work with Tableau Server or Online

About the speaker


Kaj Peltonen

Senior Product Consultant, Asia Pacific

Kaj Peltonen is a senior product consultant with Tableau. Over the years he has worked with customers, across the region, to ensure their success when getting started with Tableau. A common face around Tableau events, he has presented at and supported Tableau Conferences, Data Day Outs and many other local summits. With a background in data mining and analytics Kaj believes in the untapped potential for anyone to be able to access, and question data.

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