If your business has geographic data then this training session is for you as we explore mapping in Tableau. For those new to Tableau we'll cover basic functionality, but for our advanced users we'll also dive deep into using latitude and longitude data imported into Tableau to make your maps shine. But that's not all as we'll also introduce you to data blending so you know how to combine data from multiple data sources.

What we will cover:

  • An overview of out of the box mapping capabilities in Tableau desktop
  • Create polygons, and paths as well as plot points with non-generated latitude and longitude
  • Implementing custom background maps and images
  • Tips, tricks, and resources to take your mapping skills to the next level
  • Filtering Secondary Data Sources
  • Difference from joins
  • This live training is part of the Master the Key Features of Tableau series.

    Live start time
    United Kingdom: 9:30am GMT
    Netherlands: 10:30am CET
    United Arab Emirates: 1:30pm GST

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