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Driving Quick Wins While Preparing for Long Term Success

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At TableauHelp, we believe in following proven best practices that set organizations up for highly successful BI initiatives, but we also believe in leveraging the speed and flexibility of Tableau to deliver insights and drive wins for the business from day one.

This webinar will share some of the most important techniques and practices that have been used to drive rapid results for Tableau customers of every size and in every industry.

The practices covered will range from simple preparation exercises to specifics on how to plan and build effective dashboards. Using these techniques, we’ve helped companies successfully deploy Tableau to hundreds of users in under 2 months.

Preparing to Win
• Understand the full spectrum of what you can do with Tableau
• Take stock of the current environment and prioritize opportunities
• Put together a core team to begin
Winning Fast
• Using mock data flows to start faster
• Design for simplicity and clear action
• Rapid iteration and feedback cycles
Long Term Success
• Building a center of excellence
• Building a modern data environment
• Creating a data driven culture

About the speakers

Joel Stellner

Founder, TableauHelp

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