In 2016 we delivered a series of webinars on practically every data visualisation topic imaginable. To makes things easy for you, we've compiled what we consider the must-watch webinars of 2016 in case you missed one.

What makes these webinars so great? Well, they're jam-packed full of insights into how you can maximise your use of Tableau. We also promise that you won't fall victim to 'death by PowerPoint', these webinars are full of delightful visualisations, industry leading knowledge, and insightful presenters.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
How Cox Automotive's Big Data Strategy is Transforming the Market

Watch this webinar to learn how Cox Automotive developed an outstanding Big Data strategy from a starting point of zero.

61 min
Tableau on Tableau – Marketing Analytics

Discover how to adopt a data-driven marketing policy so that you can get the complete picture of how your marketing campaigns are truly performing.

55 min
Tableau on Tableau - Finance Analytics

Discover how Tableau's finance leaders unlock insights with rapid-fire data visualisation and analysis.

50 min
Tableau on Tableau - IT Powered Enterprise Analytics

Find out how to get maximum value from your data with an analytics strategy that serves the entire enterprise.

53 min
Tableau on Tableau - Sales Analytics

Discover the power of sales analytics and dashboards to help make decisions about quota, territory management, and must-win deals.

45 min
How to Make Social Media and Web Data Work For You

See how you can extract and analyse your social media and web data to make smart data-driven marketing decisions.

46 min
Andy Kirk - Master the Art of Data Visualisation Design

Join Andy Kirk to discover his proven method for data visualisation design which is the culmination of a lifetime of expertise on visualising data and telling stories.

60 min