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Do you know how your various marketing channels are influencing your pipeline, impacting your customer’s journey, or helping close deals? The truth is, you might have an idea, but do you have the data to back it up? Are you making a compelling business case to invest in more resources like time, people, and technology?

Learn how visual analytics makes measuring marketing’s performance in real-time a reality with dashboards and visual storytelling. Track more than engagement and likes to turn numbers into knowledge.

What will I learn?

Connect: Mingle with fellow Marketing Executives to grow your network, partners, and resources, all while enjoying drinks and appetizers.
Stay nimble and in the know about best practices: Experience interactive reporting using real-time dashboards. Transform your marketing strategy.
Leverage data to gain insights and fast: What can you do with outdated data? Nothing. See trends to make immediate, impactful decisions.

Sponsors: This event is sponsored by Tableau Software, Informatica and Mikan Associates who jointly provide the technology to empower Marketing to visualize, explore and analyzing digital marketing, and sales efforts.

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