Tableau Advanced Training - Server

Join us for a Tableau advanced server day. We will focus on Enterprise Capabilities, Governance and Roll-Out. We will deep dive the architecture of Tableau Server to further understand how Tableau’s Server processes, deployment options and caching works. We will deep dive how to user Tableau’s Logs and PostGres repository to analyze and debug performance. We will deep dive how to deploy a www Tableau Server and automation with TabCMD. We will finish with hands-on exploration of the JSAPI and RESTful API.. We’ll cover the following:

  • Enterprise Data Strategy/Governance
  • Enterprise Roll-Out and Change Management for Tableau Deployments
  • Server Architecture Deep Dive
  • Server Log Analysis & Repository Auditing
  • Tableau Server Deployment in the DMZ
  • TabCMD deep dive
  • JSAPI & RESTful API Integration

In addition to these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions along the way. Be vocal – this is a great opportunity to learn from our skilled instructors, who are in the field everyday.

The expectation is that you will come prepared for the course as described below:

  1. Review the session content here.
  2. Download and install both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server from
  3. Test both products to ensure that the installation was successful.

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