Next is a new Google Cloud Experience coming to New York on June 12, 2015. Come and learn how Google can simplify your infrastructure so you can spend more time on the things that really matter, like building the next killer app, or delivering new low cost and efficient IT services to help grow your business.

● Learn how to build faster in cloud for mobile apps, with end user insights from big data, with world class proven compute technology and security.
● Meet with peers and Google engineers to gain deep insights into the technologies powering the future of cloud computing: from the next start up to the largest enterprise.
● Get technical training via hands-on labs.

You’ll be able to join us and hundreds of developers and IT professionals to experience the next generation of Cloud, from Google and Tableau. Be sure to catch the 'Gain Insight into your Information with Powerful Data and Analytics' at 1:30 PM. This Data IT Business Stream presentation is about the Big Data industry buzz term, but to Google this is the core of what our business is run on, incredible amounts of information. We will explore how we have exposed on our internal services so that you too can ingest, store and analyze data to gain insights quickly without having to worry about all that pesky infrastructure.

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