Chennai Executive Event: Building a data-driven culture

With the large volume of data being generated and captured these days, data is everyone’s business. More and more companies are beginning to realize that fostering a data-driven culture is the key to help them perform better. In fact, working with data is good for a company’s bottom line – it can transform businesses.

Tableau's rapid-fire business intelligence equips anyone in an organization to do their own data discovery, ad-hoc analysis, and dashboard creation. Instead of relying on a small group of business intelligence specialists, your team is now self-sufficient and get better answers fast.

More than 28,000 customer accounts are using Tableau... and this number is growing. See how Tableau makes visual analytics available to everyone and how you can transform your businesses and achieve a new level of insight to distinguish your offerings and to stand out from the competition.

This event is by invitation only. Register now and reserve your seat.

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