Tableau + Higher Education

Going to AIR Forum? Visit us in booth 204 and see how Tableau can help maximize your education reporting and analytics. We also invite you to attend our customer Matthew Pickus' session 'Creating and Building Demand for Data Visualizations and the Use of Tableau & Tableau Server'

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Date: Wednesday, June 1
Time: 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Room: Strand 3
Session: Decisions must be made quickly and with the best data available. However, data analysis in a decentralized environment is about as easy as herding cats! At the University of Michigan, the Information Technology Services group, with the assistance of the Office of University Development, created a ground swell of interest and demand for data visualizations, Tableau and Tableau Server. From a few people with an interest in Tableau, now more than 125 users at over 25 units use Tableau Desktop and publish to Tableau Server. Learn how the University of Michigan did it—from teaching what visualizations are and demonstrating how they can turn data into strategic decisions, to the implantation of a single cross-campus solution.

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