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Every company is a data company

Organizations are investing trillions of dollars to collect, store, and protect their data, but 70% of these initiatives are failing. Why? Because data on its own cannot help you succeed and technology alone won’t help you get ahead of your competitors. Here’s the stark truth: Most organizations struggle to engage their people and manage change. They fail at the level of the individual, and they fail to bring those individuals together. They fail to build a culture where data is valued and applied to everyday decisions. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Data Culture starts with people

Every employee holds the ability to discover the next breakthrough. The promise of modern analytics is that you can harness that ability, and anyone can find business-altering insights in their data. Imagine if these moments weren’t standout occurrences, but the norm for every employee. If the people with the subject matter knowledge had access to trusted and governed data they needed to make decisions. If there was a supportive community to fuel learning and engagement. If you could set up an adaptable and agile system to grow with your needs. Imagine if data was woven into the fabric of your organization. This is a Data Culture.

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"People now feel value in themselves because their work makes a greater impact on the company. It's that proud feeling you get from knowing you've really made a difference. And you can't get it until you have the right solution in place."

Introducing Tableau Blueprint

Tableau Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to building the capabilities you need to create a successful Data Culture in your organization.

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Your environment is secure and stable, yet can grow and evolve as business needs change.

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Your people can see and understand data, and apply it to everyday decision making.

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Your community can inspire, support learning, and drive excitement around data.

We have curated best practices from industry experts and thousands of customers
to give you prescriptive guidance on how to build these capabilities.

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See what data-driven companies can accomplish

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"We developed an approach that supports both the experienced analysts as well as the novice business users, advancing our data-driven culture."
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"We’ve seen really meaningful moving of the needle on the difficult-to-improve quality outcomes across the system and I believe part of that is because we’re all speaking a common language."
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