Tableau Communications & Media Summit:
Accelerate Your Data Transformation To Cultivate Future-Ready Operations

We're sorry, this event has ended.

As the communications & media industry transforms, forward-thinking organisations must reinvent themselves by accelerating their data transformation to cultivate future-ready operations.

In this virtual event, data leaders in communications & media will discuss the analytics strategies and hands-on skills that make data transformation actionable—helping you maximise audience engagement, create personalised customer journeys, and boost productivity.

You'll hear from innovative data leaders at ITV, Ericsson, and Emmelibri Srl about their data transformation and how they're cultivating future success with Tableau.

Here's what you can expect:

  • See how competitors are overcoming industry changes with data
  • Learn the building blocks of data transformation
  • Discover critical industry data trends
  • See advanced Tableau demos that compound performance




Data Trends for Communications & Media
Data Transformation
Customer Journey | ITV
Customer Success Story | Emmelibri Srl
Customer Success Story | Ericsson
Tableau Demo | Customer AI Analytics
Tableau Demo | Advanced Analytics
Tableau Demo | Augmented Analytics
Tableau Visionary | Data Literacy