Classroom Training

In-Person Training Classes

Learn Tableau in a traditional classroom environment with in-person training classes. In over 90 cities worldwide, our expert instructors provide face-to-face instruction and interactivity. You'll benefit from a proven curriculum and collaboration between others in the class.

Location Date Language
Desktop I & II: Accelerated
Feb 03 - 05 English
Desktop I & II: Accelerated
Feb 03 - 05 German
Desktop I & II: Accelerated
North Carolina United States
Feb 03 - 05 English
Desktop I & II: Accelerated
New York
New York United States
Feb 10 - 12 English
Desktop I & II: Accelerated
United Kingdom
Feb 17 - 19 English
Desktop I & II: Accelerated
Washington D.C.
District of Columbia United States
Feb 18 - 20 English
Desktop I & II: Accelerated
Mar 11 - 13 Chinese
Desktop I & II: Accelerated
Mar 18 - 20 Chinese

About in-person classes

When you register for an in-person Tableau training class, all you need to do is show up! We'll provide:

  • A computer with Tableau installed
  • A printed manual ready for note taking
  • Lunch, snacks and beverages
We encourage you to ask questions, work on course exercises and dive into use cases with your instructor and peers in the classroom to get the most out of your training.

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