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Product release and download

Tableau Desktop 8.0.11

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.0.22, which contains additional fixes.

다운로드 Tableau Desktop 8.0.22

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Download Tableau Desktop 8.0.11


2014/05/13 (화요일)

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Resolved Issues

문제 ID 설명

In workbooks that connect to relational MDX-based data sources, collapsing the header on the Rows shelf caused the corresponding column in the crosstab worksheet to go blank.


Publishing a workbook to Tableau Server using the "Prompt user" authentication type, and with the correct drivers installed, sometimes displayed a driver error instead of the prompt for credentials.


Placing a calculated field () on the Detail shelf that returned either a Date parameter or TODAY() would cause an error when the field was set to Exact Date: "Restricted data type attribute violation".

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