Turning Data into Actionable Insight at Mind Springs Health

Behavioral healthcare organizations collect massive amounts of data every day. Translating all of this complex data into meaningful, actionable information is a significant challenge.

During this 45-minute webinar, Mind Springs Health will demonstrate how they use Tableau and visual analysis to improve operations and enhance patient care using the power of their own data.

They’ll discuss and show how to use Tableau to:

  • Identify programs that are high or low performers in various categories
  • Build and share a map to analyze where activities are occurring
  • Leverage disparate data from a range of sources to discover patterns/trends
  • Drive organizational alignment and collaborative decision making through shared, interactive dashboards
  • Preparing and sharing state mandated reporting of key program metrics

Attend to learn how to accelerate decision making and uncover answers to critical questions.


Shaun Charles

Director of IT, Mind Springs Health

Kathy Petefish

Senior Data Analyst, Mind Springs Health

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