Perpetual license end of sale

At Tableau, we’re constantly looking at how we can provide you the best possible customer experience, from a product, support, and licensing perspective. Back in 2017, based on customer feedback, we introduced subscription-based licensing. It took off, as many of you preferred the lower up-front cost and additional flexibility of subscriptions.

As subscriptions have become the primary way customers license Tableau around the world, it’s time for our next evolution. Starting on May 1st, 2021, we will no longer sell new perpetual Tableau licenses. With a subscription focused business, we can invest even more into our research and development efforts, to bring you the next wave of cutting edge innovations faster.

This licensing change applies to the purchase of additional Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server Core or Tableau Server Interactor perpetual licenses. Starting next May, the purchase of these offerings will be available only on a subscription basis. However, you can continue renewing your maintenance for your existing perpetual assets, and there is no plan to alter the maintenance model for software you’ve already purchased.

It is possible to combine perpetual and subscription Tableau Server capacity within a single Tableau Server deployment. However, to simplify product licensing, many customers prefer to convert all assets to a subscription agreement.

You can identify your perpetual licenses through the Tableau account portal. Over the coming quarters, we encourage you to work with your account team, they can answer questions and help you build this change into your larger Tableau plan.

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