Is Tableau Server big in your organization? It never ceases to amaze us how transformative visual analytics can be as a company starts to extend the power of data driven decision-making using Tableau Server. Palette Software feels the same way and has worked with us to develop a solution that helps companies work even more efficiently when rapidly scaling up their Tableau Server deployments. Joining us as a guest blogger today to talk about how Palette is helping Tableau Server customers grow rapidly is CEO and Founder, John Abdo.

John Abdo, CEO & Founder of Palette Software

Does this sound familiar? Tableau Server is now so popular in your organization, it’s gone from interesting to essential. Everyday more and more people are publishing workbooks, adding data sources, and bringing coworkers into the Tableau Server environment. With great popularity comes great responsibility though and making sure you’re able to keep pace with rapid Server growth is critical to the success of the data decision engine in your company.

Jason is a Data Analytics Systems Architect at The Climate Corporation where Tableau Server is a mission critical platform. As with any essential system, knowing about an issue immediately is a priority for Jason so he can remedy any problems as soon as possible. Before The Climate Corporation adopted Palette, Jason was often manually checking data extracts on evenings and weekends, just to make sure he was the first person to see a potential problem.

As Tableau Server gained popularity, Jason considered building custom fixes for his system, but he was not sure the value-add would be worth the time it took to create and maintain them. Jason was introduced to Palette as a possible alternative. With Palette, Jason was able to extend the power of the The Climate Corporation's Tableau Server admin capabilities and even crowdsource troubleshooting steps with his Publishers - ultimately giving Jason back time he could focus on broader analytics strategies.

How is your Tableau Server today? For this Tableau Server, CPU utilization has exceeded 95%. Palette shows the Admins when and where the CPU spiked, arming them with the immediate information they need to get the system back on track!

Jason has always understood the potential of Tableau Desktop and Server for his organization, and he’s not alone. Enterprise IT departments dedicate staff time and energy to ensure an incredible user experience. With this new solution he could continue delivering at his standard for excellence, while reliably dedicating more of his time to high-value, big picture analytics needs.

If you are interested in learning more about how Palette works hand-in-hand with Tableau to make Server customers more successful, watch this webinar with The Climate Corporation.

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