We've collected photos in Facebook and on Storify. Here's the Facebook album:

And here's a Storify of photos shared on Twitter:

다른 유익한 자료도 확인해 보세요


Awesome--thanks for sharing with the world!

Hmmm, seems like some of the zen masters "disappeared". Did they not know enough this year? Or did you simply not like the other products they work with?


A good warning to current zen masters, it can be taken away!

Its a yearly process; and each year is independent of the others; so the choices made this year were based on the past year's contributions, etc. My understanding is that the two who were not chosen either took new jobs on, or did not contribute as much as the others who were chosen.

None of this has been verified--I am hoping we will get more details on why each person was chosen.


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