Dan Meier presented the case for data analytics in manufacturing at Photronics. I had the chance to interview Dan after his session; he has some strong and important messages that extend far beyond the benefits that data analysis brings to manufacturing. In fact, Dan might rather his competitors don't heed his advice, as he sees a real competitive advantage in using Tableau across all areas of manufacturing.

Dan was quick to identify himself as a data geek! At Photronics they use Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing to improve manufacturing flow, reduce failure rates, and quickly identify out-of-parameter situations. They use Tableau within this strict environment to get to the true answers faster, saving both time and money. Dan also highlighted how he has been using Tableau to process the data generated throughout the manufacturing process to help improve customer delivery times. Tableau helps him hone in on areas where the process is failing and make quick changes to deliver more product on time.

He believes we can all learn from his experience in manufacturing, where vast amounts of data are gathered and stored but not enough is done with that data to gain real business insights. Certainly, the amount of positive feedback after his session from people drawn from a wide cross section of industries shows that a lot of people feel the same.

Dan recently moved to a new company, Maxim Integrated, where he is Director of Manufacturing IT. There, he's pioneering Tableau adoption and, in the process, bringing competitive advantage to another manufacturing organization. Dan plans to lead the project by presenting clear and real results to show just what insights can be gained from using Tableau as a widespread data tool throughout the organization. Dan is very pleased to hear that Tableau will deliver even better, faster performance, helping Dan and his colleagues produce and consume Tableau analyses throughout the organization.

Thanks Dan! I hope there weren't too many competitors taking notes during your session.

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