Tableau User Groups: Bring Community to Your Hometown

Here at Tableau, we are so often blown away by the dedication of customers in our community. Tableau User Groups (TUGs for short) are the perfect example. Our User Groups are organically formed communities that meet throughout the year to share best practices and Tableau experiences. We have geographical, industry and company-specific TUGs meeting all over the globe.

Currently, we have over 50 Tableau User Groups within the United States and over 95 TUGs in total. Our newest additions to the TUG program internationally are Berlin, Germany and Bangalore, India. We would also like to welcome the new Redlands, California TUG to our program. As a company, we are beyond grateful for the support of our Tableau User Group leaders who help share our product with their communities around the world. We consider ourselves very lucky to have people who appreciate our product as much as we do.
Tableau Conference is a time to celebrate these extraordinary leaders in the Tableau community, as well as to welcome new people into the community through programs like Tableau User Groups. We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting five special events for TUGs at TC14! Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to join in no matter your familiarity or experience with Tableau User Groups.

Check out our amazing Moscow TUG community led by Yuriy Gavrilov at their meeting on August 28th, 2014!

If you are interesting in joining or starting a TUG, please join us for the following events:

Tableau User Group Lunch Information Session
Wednesday, September 10th, 12:15-1:15pm, Sheraton Hotel, Ballard Room

“Hug a TUG” panel discussion about leading a Tableau User Group – Details here.
Wednesday, September 10th, 5pm, room 310

If you will be visiting us from one of the following areas, please come to a special TUG session and meet other Tableau fans from your hometown:

San Francisco TUG Session
Tuesday, September 9th, 12:45-1:45PM – Sheraton Hotel (Ballard)

New York TUG Session
Thursday, September 11th, 12:15-1:15pm – Sheraton Hotel (Diamond)

Chicago TUG Session
Wednesday, September 10th, 7:30-8:30am – Sheraton Hotel (Ballard)

Personally, I’ve been amazed by the dedication of Tableau customers who share their ideas and skills throughout the community. This will be my first Tableau Conference (I started at Tableau in July!) and I cannot wait to meet people who use and share our product every day.

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