How Healthcare Companies Use Analytics at #TCC12

From zeroing in on ICU best practices and optimizing operating room utilization to improving communication with customers and effectively adhering to regulations, healthcare providers are turning to Tableau to transform their relationship with data. We're dedicated several customer-led sessions at Tableau's Customer Conference in San Diego so you can hear about these efforts first-hand.

Join us in San Diego to hear from five healthcare organizations as they share how Tableau has changed the way they approach analytics, making a measurable impact on patient care, cost savings, improved communication, among other benefits. And while you’re there, take advantage of our networking opportunities to meet others in the healthcare community to expand your professional contacts and share analytics best practices that will last long after the event ends. (Networking opportunities will be available by industry, region, and skill level throughout the conference.)

”insertnamehere”In a special showcase session, you’ll hear from three healthcare providers who will share examples of how they’ve incorporate Tableau into their day-to-day operations. Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Peter Sidi, Johns Hopkins’ Hetal Rupani, and Intermountain Healthcare’s Joe Runyan (pictured left) will share things such as physician and surgeon quality dashboards, real-time bed management and patient throughput, primary care delivery, and blood utilization for surgical services as just a few ways they’re using data to run their organizations.

Tammy Wingo, Director of Business Analytics at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University, will talk about how they’ve used Tableau as a cornerstone to transform how her hospital is changing the way data is delivered to a more visual, impactful approach. Her session will address the complexity providers face – from the ongoing push for electronic medical records and easier access to health record information and the race against time to implement systems with “meaningful use” standards.

”insertnamehere”The Canadian Institute for Health Information, represented by Stefan Popowycz (pictured right), will be featured in showcase highlighting how Tableau Digital is changing the way organizations communicate information to a public audience. In a revolutionary approach to their communication strategy, the Canadian Institute for Health Information recently launched an interactive web tool that tracks hospital performance. The goal? To bring transparency to Canada’s public health sector and ultimately improve patient care across the nation. Check out the blog post How’s Your Hospital? Canadian Healthcare Metrics Go Public to learn more.

Register now for our 5th annual Tableau Customer Conference, November 5-8 to hear these speakers and network with other healthcare Tableau users. Not only will the speakers share great ideas and examples you can take back and put into practice, you will have the opportunity to meet other healthcare industry professionals, swap ideas, and build out your Tableau community. If you are part of a non-profit healthcare institution, you are entitled to a special registration pass price of $999. Please use the code TCC12NP when you register.

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