Good news! Even if you can’t be at TCC12 this week in San Diego, you can still participate from the comfort of your desk. We’re streaming the Tableau super-sized keynote live on Tuesday 11/6 at 8:30AM PDT / 11:30AM EDT. Check out CEO Christian Chabot’s vision of the market, hear the strategy behind the upcoming Tableau 8.0 from CDO Chris Stolte, and watch as our developers take the stage to showcase their favorite 8.0 features.

Tune in here to watch the keynote:

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Can't wait to hear about 8

WIll we be able to view the Tableau 8 keynote with Christian Chabot as well as all other keynotes at a later time? I missed it on Tuesday...

I saw the livestream of the keynote and loved the preview of the new features. I wanted to share it with my coworkers. Will you re-post it?

Jamey: There is a blog recap here:

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