Eighteen days, eighteen customers

I recently joined Tableau (yup, 18 days ago). This place is filled with palpable excitement about what we’ve delivered to our customers since 2004 and the conviction of the value to come. As I’ve met my new colleagues, there’s an unmistakable delight in the impact each feels they’re making to our customers’ success.

Amidst this environment of determined optimism, I would argue that I’ve plopped down into the best seat in the house. I get to spend most of my time talking with Tableau customers, hearing their stories and getting their help to spread the word. Nothing is more gratifying than listening to examples of how they’ve used Tableau to transform their organization, creating a similar wave of exuberance for the impact to date and the potential ahead.

In my first eighteen days, I’ve talked with eighteen customers in depth and more overall. The list includes customers with the largest business intelligence needs on the planet (eBay and Zynga) to small concerns such as Kristin School in New Zealand that uses Tableau not only to optimize bus routes, but to help teachers to work with students in fundamentally new, insightful ways.

Our clients are flying all over the world to tell their Tableau tales. Nokia’s Lee Feinberg is heading to Amsterdam from New Jersey to speak at our Tableau European Conference (9-11 May). eBay’s David Stone just returned from a 3,000 mile journey to Orlando to speak at the SCOPE east supply chain conference. Alex Blakemore is going to the Visual Analytics Community’s (VAC) May 3-4 meeting at the University of Maryland to participate on a panel. Thank you.

I’ve never felt more proud to be associated with a team because of the profound effect we’re having on our clients. Do you have a Tableau tale to tell? Reach out! Share it here, drop me a line, give me a ring. Tableau has already changed my life. How has it changed yours?

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