This form can be used to submit a request to add or remove access by an individual to your Tableau Customer Center. Only Customer Center Administrators can make changes to the Customer Center account access and key distribution.

The three levels of access are:

  • Download Only - Access to the product files and all Product Keys for this Customer Center
  • Administration - Access to the product files, all Product Keys and Invoices for this Customer Center.
  • Remove Access - Removes an individual's access to this Customer Center

NOTE: All fields are required except description

Requestor Information:
Customer Center*:
* Your Customer Center name is located in the upper right corner of your my account page when you log in:
New Customer Center Access
Electronic Software Distributor (ESD) Access Rights:

  • I understand that by granting access to the Customer Center identified above, this person will have access to all related Product Keys and/or Invoices depending on the level of access granted.
  • I am requesting that Tableau Software grants access to the individual specified above.

By checking this box, you certify that you are authorized to initiate a change to customer center access.

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