How GoPro wrangles big data

We wanted to share this cool GIF that one of our customers, Josh Byrd of GoPro, recently created. The GIF illustrates how Josh makes sense of the unstructured data that GoPro deals with and lands in Hadoop for analytics.

Josh receives GoPro's website traffic data (via Google Analytics) in JSON format and is using a solution from one of our partners, Trifacta, to first explore what is in the JSON data set (its content & structure) and then uses Trifacta to "flatten" or "unnest" the data from hierarchical JSON into the row/column format required for analysis in Tableau. In the GIF, Josh also uses Trifacta to apply other transformations to the data set such as dropping specific unneeded columns.

We hope you enjoy this short, real-world example of a great way to get the most out of hard to work with data types and big data technologies such as Hadoop. If you want to learn more about this story, tune in to our webinar featuring Josh on March 10.

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