December is a busy month. Between the hectic holiday planning, party-going, and new year celebrations, people tend to take time off from work. So when I took on December's edition of Best of the Tableau Web, I was admittedly nervous.

I worried that my first stab at this post would not provide as much content as previous months.

I was wrong.

The tweets, blog posts, and general commentary did not take the month off. Lesson learned: never doubt the Tableau community.

Image courtesy of Tableau Love

Getting Started

Drawing with Numbers: Getting Good at Tableau
Tableau Zen: How Data Visualization Changed My Career
The Information Lab: A Tableau Consultant's View on Data Delivery

Tips & Tricks

HelpMeViz: Line or Column?
Gravy Anecdote: Label ALL and HIGHLIGHTED Marks in Tableau
VizWiz: Adding Labels to Background Image
Evolytics: Tip 15: Tell a Story

Beyond the Basics

3danim8: Using Tableau and Predictive Analytics
Viz Candy: 10 Freebie Holiday Toys for Tableau Analysts
The Information Lab: Random Adventures in Tableau
Tableau Tinkering: Tinkering with FLOAT() and Durations
VizPainter: Tableau Christmas Card Mail Merge

Use Cases

VizWiz: Makeover Monday: ESPN is biggest reason cable TV isn’t going to die anytime soon

Tableau Server

Tableau Love: Speed Up Tableau Server Uninstall & Upgrade by Killing Backup


Data + Science: Creating a Venn Diagram in Tableau
Insight Dimension: A Drawing Tool for Tableau


Wannabe Awesome Me: Thank you Tableau Community
Interworks Blog: What Tableau IS and IS NOT
Wannabe Data Rockstar: The Tableau Wannabe Podcast - Episode 14 - Jon Schwabish Comes Back for More


Some outstanding posts in December!

(looks like there are a couple of broken links: Tableau Tinkering and VizPainter)

Thanks Joshua! Great catch on the links, those are fixed.