Even the most seasoned Tableau expert will tell you--there's always more to learn. The product has a deep pocket of hidden gems and secrets that can help you find answers in unexpected places, and with far less time. Our two Rapid Fire Tips & Tricks panels at TC14 were designed to share some of those secrets, shortcuts, and even intricate hacks that almost seem like magic.

For example, did you know with some clever text choices and a calculated field, you can create bar charts in a tooltip?

bar chart example in tooltip

As promised here are the tips and tricks presented, published on Tableau Public.

First, here are a few dashboard tricks from yours truly, since we ran a little short on time during the panel.
Dashboard Navigation Buttons, Show/Hide Sheets For More Dashboard Space, Sheets as Buttons

Andrew Cheung (Data Analyst)
Filter Blended Data Sources, Bar Charts in Tooltips (also see this blog post for more how-to details)

Janet Shen (Business Consultant)
Fast Date Conversions, Aggregating Aggregated Fields

Jason Schumacher (Academic Programs Lead)
Hidden Ways You Can Copy & Paste

Lari McEdward (Training Specialist)
Sorting, Sets and an Introduction to Pill Types

Michael Kovner (Sales Consultant, OEM)
Top Filters, Creating Zero-Row Extracts with NOW(), Relative Date Filter Across Years

Michelle Wallace (Product Marketing Assistant)
Data Field Selector, Dynamic Titles, DATEPARSE()

Ryan Janoff (Product Consultant)
Trimming Text, Custom Dashboard Export Buttons, Auto-Sizing Charts (also see this blog post for how-to details).

Tara Walker (Data Analyst)
Using Crisp Background Images, Using a Background Image when No Data Exists in a View

Tim Hughes (Product Consultant)
Network Charts



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