TCCEU Keynote: And So it Begins

How do people at contemporary, data-driven organizations achieve more than more traditonal counterparts? Read on for more from this morning's keynote.

James Eiloart, Vice President and Managing Director of EMEA, welcomed the crowd.

Christian Chabot, Founder and CEO gave an update on Tableau's growth and said, "We are unshakably committed to creating one of the world's best analytics brands and supporting all of you in Europe."

Tableau's mission is central. "The same things that drove us to found Tableau drive us today. We believe now, as we believed then: that data has tremendous power to change the world."

Dan Jewett, VP of Product Management told the crowd, "We're building software for "contemporary data-driven organizations."

He explained: Traditional organizations "are chasing something that I think is mythical: a single version of the truth." They pursue this goal and meanwhile wall off the data from business users. "What is it about the poor, defenseless data we collect that makes us think we have to protect it from everyone?"

Dan then talked about Tableau at Tableau. "We have multiple data sources and every person in every department is responsible for doing their own analysis."

Andy Cotgreave, Senior Content Editor at Tableau gave a demo of TCCEU attendee data -- all from the palm of his hand using a tablet. If front of more than 500 people he changed a dashboard and created a new analysis without ever moving off his iPad. Now that's mobile analytics!
Andrew Beers, VP of Development, talked about putting analytics everywhere. He demo'd the Javascript API building an app about Viz of the Day, which will send you a gorgeous visualization from the Tableau Public community every day.
Thierry D'Hers, Vice President of Program Management, looked at the data behind our Ideas forum and how we use that to inform product development.

He noted that one of the largest contributors to the Ideas forum is Johan Sivertsen, who is at the conference, and invited him on stage to thank him and give him an exclusive Tableau Development team Kracken t-shirt.

Chris Stolte, Founder and Chief Development Officer, then provided the vision for the roadmap and tipped a crowd favorite, Tableau for the Mac, which the team is working on now.

The keynote wrapped, and everyone went forth: to hear from customer and Tableau speakers, to see the Tableau doctor, to roam the Community Alley and to enjoy.