Winding Down the Tour, Winding Up in Asia

Tableau 7.0 is out and we just wrapped up our roadshows with two events Australia. It's fitting that we ended in the Asia-Pacific region; for us, that's the part of the world where we're really just getting started.

We had packed houses at both events, with more than 100 in Sydney at more than 70 in Melbourne. Here's a look at the Melbourne crowd.

One great feature launched alongside 7.0 is our updated community forums. We have to credit our user groups in both cities for their help in cultivating an even stronger Tableau community, and we hope this feature--especially the ability to form regional groups--helps them grow even further.

We ourselves are growing like crazy, which means we're expanding globally too! While we were showing off 7.0 to our great Australian friends, we made a pit stop in Singapore to show Tableau to more than 100 interested people from universities, media, financial companies and more.

It's our first major event in that region of the world and it was met with one of the most enthusiastic responses yet. Our Q&A session lasted for more than a half hour with in-depth questions of all kinds. They even asked when our first Asia-Pacific Regional Customer Conference would be!

There is a clear need for faster, easier data analytical tools here, and wherever those needs are, we plan to be right there!