Tableau Heads to School in Minneapolis

We firmly believe in educating the next generation and giving them the skills to conquer the future issues of data visualization and business intelligence. That's why we're focusing so much on building academic partnerships with universities.

More than 30 attendees turned out for the user group at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, a lovely space. Many thanks to adjunct professor Rob Dewey for helping arrange the location. Dewey teaches the importance of visually displayed data and information, and loves Tableau!

User group leader Alan Wernke kicked off the event, before handing the wheel back to us to showcase 6.1--which is coming very, very soon.

Some of the usual suspects were hits: incremental extracts, data refreshses and the iPad app.

But this user group also loved our improved mapping options. Maybe it's the addition of international zip codes, the ability to map all cities with a population higher than 15,000, or the super evil looking dark maps. Whatever the exact reason--or all of them--Minneapolis users embraced the expanding tools.

Can things get any better? For Vicki Seely from Olsen Denali, the answer, is yes!

Congratulations on her new iPad!