Would you believe that nearly 13M people had a cosmetic procedure last year? Thanks to a dataset just released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that we found on the Guardian Datablog, we have visualized the change in cosmetic procedures from 2008 to 2009. Take a look at the viz below to learn more!

With the popularity of new non-invasive cosmetic treatments like Botox and microdermabrasions, traditional cosmetic surgery is being driven out of popularity. As you can see from the view to the top right, the number of minimally invasive treatments has risen while surgeries have fallen. Not too surprising in the face of a major recession, as surgeries are generally much more expensive.

Highlighted mark labels: The labels for this visualization, all together, are a little hard to read. By activating them only when a user has highlighted the value, the viz is simplified but still analytically valuable.



Here is another view of this data:

I like that I can select an axis, and make use of the sort button in the bottom toolbar to change the sort order.

(BTW, in the original viz, there is an issue with the "Year" field (it does not exist), so when you hover over a bubble/circle mark, you get < Year >. I think you may need to edit your tootip so it is < Years > to pull the value in.

Thanks Joe, right you are. It has been updated. Love your viz, by the way.

"Insanely great!" This viz illustrate why an electronic medical record (EMR), which is replacing the paper medical record of patients nation-wide, should be routinely vized.

HITECH is a $20-odd billion effort that provides incentives to health care providers and facilities for adopting health information technology (HIT). (The fact that taxpayers are being "hit-up" for those billions not-withstanding.)

HIT is to "improve the quality of care by reducing medication and medical errors, reduce cost due to unnecessary tests and treatments, provide clinical and care decision-making support, and enable greater patient involvement in her/his care." Vizes make complexity comprehensible; with comprehension there is better and more rapid action in terms of medical therapies or personal lifestyle (e.g. disease management, wellness).