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Release del prodotto e download

Tableau Server 2018.3.2

Consigliamo di usare l'aggiornamento più recente di questa versione, 2018.3.29, che contiene ulteriori correzioni.

Scarica Tableau Server 2018.3.29

Numero di build


Scarica Tableau Server 2018.3.2

Data di pubblicazione

Gio, 20 Dicembre, 2018

Supporto prodotto

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Install and Configure Tableau Server

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Tableau Server Upgrade Page

Resolved Issues

ID edizione Descrizione

When restarting Tableau Server after a configuration change, non-initial nodes sometimes showed as unlicensed


In some large, multi-node environments, applying pending changes or starting and stopping Tableau Server would not reliably complete.


When using local authentication, it was not possible to add a repository to a worker node.


Tableau Server's web UI would freeze while changing the permissions of a project, especially when over 15 entities (groups and/or users) were added to permissions. The following error may appear in browser's JS console: "Uncaught Error: [$rootScope:infdig]."


Upgrading from Tableau Server 2018.1 or earlier to Tableau Server with TSM would fail at 10-14% if service.backup.pgonly was set to "true".

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