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Tableau Desktop 9.3.1

Consigliamo di usare l'aggiornamento più recente di questa versione, 9.3.24, che contiene ulteriori correzioni.

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Scarica Tableau Desktop 9.3.1

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Mar, 17 Maggio, 2016

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Note sulla release - Tableau 9.3.1 Se si utilizza il client Tableau Online Sync di Tableau Desktop in Windows per aggiornare gli estratti su Tableau Online, aggiornare Tableau Desktop 9.3.1 alla versione 9.3.2. Per ulteriori informazioni, consultare le Note sulla release - Tableau 9.3.2. Nota: Negli ambienti in cui sono attivi gli aggiornamenti automatici dei prodotti, i clienti di Tableau Desktop riceveranno l'aggiornamento alcuni giorni dopo che una nuova versione di manutenzione è disponibile. Ulteriori informazioni nella Knowledge Base di Tableau.

Problemi risolti

ID edizione Descrizione

Borders between filled map shapes would unexpectedly appear when exporting the view to an image or publishing to Tableau Server.


Connections to some databases from Tableau Desktop would fail to drop some temporary tables upon connection close.


When connected to Sybase ASE in Tableau Desktop, the Sort by Field option was not available in the Sort dialog when sorting a dimension.


In Tableau Desktop, when you opened a workbook connected to a published SAP HANA data source containing prompts, a blank worksheet without prompts appeared until you refreshed (F5) the data source.


When connected to a cube data source, sheet titles that dynamically changed with filter selections would sometimes fail to display the correct values.


In Tableau Desktop, when you used multiple SAP BW extract data sources in a workbook, refreshing any one extract overwrote the other extract data sources with the same data.


When connected to SybaseIQ in Tableau Desktop, attempting to edit a Top N set filter would fail with an error.


In Tableau Desktop, when you clicked "Yes" in the warning dialog box to embed data source credentials when publishing, credentials were still embedded even when "Allow publishers to embed credentials in a workbook or data source" was unchecked in Tableau Server general settings.


When signing into Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop, the remembered user name would drop the domain prefix if it had been previously entered.


Changing a workbook parameter that was tied to a Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure parameter would sometimes cause Tableau Desktop to become unresponsive.


In Tableau Desktop, when connected to a Salesforce data source, if you changed the data type of a field and then edited the data source it was possible to end up with a broken data source.


In Tableau Desktop, using an Microsoft SQL Server datetime2 field would sometimes result in an error: "The conversion of a datetime2 data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.


When joining tables, the default join relationships were often not the expected ones.


Color palette changes were sometimes not saved in Tableau Desktop. The issue may still occur but it is now possible to reset color assignments and reapply a color palette to correct the issue.


When connected to HP Vertica in Tableau Desktop using a version 7.1.x driver, Unicode characters were not displayed correctly.


In Tableau Desktop, filters containing table calculations would sometimes cause row and column grand totals/sub-totals to disappear.


In Tableau Desktop, when publishing a workbook or data source utilizing an Other Databases (ODBC) connection, there was no option to publish with embedded password authentication.


Hidden or invalid fields in a data source, that were not visible in Tableau Desktop, would sometimes appear when using web authoring in Tableau Server.


In some cases in Tableau Desktop, changing the scope for mark labels from Table to Pane had no effect.


In Tableau Desktop, connecting to an OData data source utilizing digest authentication was not supported and attempts to connect would fail.


Extracts in workbooks published to Tableau Server fail to refresh with a "cannot evaluate user filter; no current user or group" error when the extract was part of a data source containing a user filter.

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