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Tableau Desktop 8.0.3

Consigliamo di usare l'aggiornamento più recente di questa versione, 8.0.22, che contiene ulteriori correzioni.

Scarica Tableau Desktop 8.0.22

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Scarica Tableau Desktop 8.0.3

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Mer, 17 Luglio, 2013

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Problemi risolti

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A parameter control can only have up to 1000 steps. Using a parameter that has more than that limit results in an incorrect step size. This limit has been increased to 2000.

In a view that shows small multiples using a quantitative axis, selecting an individual axis in the view would select all of the axes instead.

When connected to DB2 data sources, calculated fields that return a string such as formulas that use the ATTR aggregation, were incorrect in published data sources.

When connected to DB2 databases, using a secondary dimension that is a calculated field can sometimes cause a no such column error message.

In Tableau Desktop, performing a table calculation when using IN/OUT mode results in a required field is missing error.

Some tick marks on logarithmic axes with fixed axis ranges disappear or display incorrectly. A workaround is to set the minimum on the fixed axis to be greater than zero.

Connecting to a Teradata database view using an account with no read access to DBC view objects can cause Tableau Desktop to stop responding with a Custom SQL validation error.

In Tableau Desktop, selecting Show Me can remove join override information.

Tableau Desktop may stop responding when publishing specific workbooks that use filter actions.

Added support for connecting to Teradata using the Teradata OLAP Connector 14.0 for drill through and named sets filtering.

When joining a table to itself in Salesforce, the list of possible join clauses that can be added is empty in the Add Table dialog.

Bins renamed in the Create Bins dialog will show the default bin name until the data is refreshed.

Added support for the odbc-connect-string-extras TDC customization for Amazon Redshift This change allows SSL connections to Amazon Redshift data sources.

The search box on the More Fields drop-down menu at the bottom of the Marks card would become unresponsive after interacting with marks in the view or fields in the Data window.

Printing a workbook to PDF in Tableau Desktop took longer than usual.

Added support for connecting to Cloudera Impala (CDH4u1).

When using an annotation mark, moving the annotation box will result in the ghost (previous) line pointing to the arrowhead rather than continuing to indicate where the mark is annotated. The ghost line will snap to the mark correctly when the mouse is released.

Tableau Desktop may stop responding after connecting to a Google Analytics data source.

In some cases, using a Window table calculation on a highlight table view would result in incorrect calculations. Tableau now provides a warning in these cases.

Connecting to Vertica 6.1 using the native connector is slower than connecting using a generic ODBC connection.

Some marks in a page trail are not being displayed correctly when the mark type is shape and the size of the mark changes from page-to-page.

The dashboard Size menu was not correctly localized for all languages.

When using Google Analytics as either the primary or secondary data source in Tableau Desktop, all custom relationships are lost and need to be reconfigured after an extract refresh or after closing and reopening the workbook. Automatic relationships still work as intended.

The application would stop responding when publishing a workbook that uses blended data sources that have custom relationships and context filters.

When connecting to Essbase databases, an Essbase database error 1013136: Invalid login id error could occur even when using known valid credentials.

If no values were entered when a parameter was created, and Set Range to List was selected, Tableau Desktop sometimes stopped responding.

Publishing dashboards that have filter actions could cause a Commit called on nested editor error.

The Latitude (generated) and Longitude (generated) field names are not localized when editing a workbook on the web.

The date and time format in parameter controls would not display correctly when the system date/time was set to a Russian locale.

In Tableau Reader 8, opening packaged workbooks containing a local cube (.cub) file may result in the error message Unknown data source class 'msolap'.

Several keyboard shortcuts were incorrect when using a Korean UI language.

A no such column error can occur with a multi-pane visualization that blends data from two data sources, where one pane contains a table calculation that uses a simple aggregation (such as SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT), and a user calculation in a different pane uses the same simple aggregation.

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