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Tableau Desktop 2018.3.1

Consigliamo di usare l'aggiornamento più recente di questa versione, 2018.3.29, che contiene ulteriori correzioni.

Scarica Tableau Desktop 2018.3.29

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Scarica Tableau Desktop 2018.3.1

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Gio, 29 Novembre, 2018

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Problemi risolti

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Internal error when opening workbook


Workbooks with heatmaps become unable to be opened after switching a density mark color to a non-default color palette, then switching off density mark type.


Extracts created via the Anaplan connector were sometimes missing rows of data.


Filters with no shading had a grey background after publishing.


The sign-in dialog for creating connections on a dashboard is garbled/overlapped when viewing in IE 11.


When using a fixed logarithmic axis, values in the view did not scale correctly.


In Tableau 2018.3, sometimes maps using custom polygons appeared distorted, inverted, or rendered as a single color box.


When adding a data source filter to an extract with multiple tables storage, the following error will occur: "Unable to create extract." This error message is incorrect and should be disregarded; the extract can now be created correctly.


When you changed a "Multiple Values (dropdown)" filter to select no values, then a single value, an "Unable to Complete Action: Table Arrays Must be of the Same Size" error occurred.

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