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Release del prodotto e download

Tableau Desktop 10.5.3

Consigliamo di usare l'aggiornamento più recente di questa versione, 10.5.28, che contiene ulteriori correzioni.

Scarica Tableau Desktop 10.5.28

Numero di build


Scarica Tableau Desktop 10.5.3

Data di pubblicazione

Mer, 11 Aprile, 2018

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Resolved Issues

ID edizione Descrizione

Sometimes Tableau Desktop closed unexpectedly when performing a Save As on a Mac.


When viewing Full Data in Tableau Desktop or downloading Full Data in Tableau Server, sometimes a timeout error occurred.


When attempting to insert a user filter in Tableau Desktop, if there were multiple Tableau Server groups with the same name, they all showed the user list from the first group created, and the filter selection would apply to all groups with the same name.


Japanese and Korean characters sometimes could not be typed correctly into the calculated field dialog.


After upgrading a .tde file to .hyper, sometimes DATEPARSE calculations would return unexpected results.


If Tableau Server contained more than 201 projects, the Publish Workbook to Tableau Server dialog in Tableau Desktop would not display all the projects.


Highlighters would be removed when replacing data sources.


After upgrading an extract and navigating to a dashboard, sometimes Tableau Desktop closed unexpectedly.


In environments requiring proxy authentication for internet access, Tableau Desktop would sometimes crash after entering proxy credentials.


After upgrading extracts to .hyper, some workbooks would load slower due to calculated fields triggering extremely large CASE expressions.


In some cases, when you opened a workbook based on a Hive data source on a Mac, Tableau Desktop quit unexpectedly.


Level of detail calculations containing user references would disappear from a data source after it was published to Tableau Server.


Selecting a project when publishing a workbook to Tableau Server would sometimes cause Tableau Desktop to crash. Upgrading Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server is required to resolve this issue.


Sometimes, refreshing an extract using Tableau Bridge consumed a large amount of RAM.


Materialized calculated fields were removed from published extracts when refreshed using the Refresh from Source option in Tableau Desktop or when refreshed using Tableau Bridge.


When connecting to the Campaigns standard Salesforce connection in a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Tableau Desktop environment, a Table alias is not unique error would occur.


When connected to Google BigQuery, adding a level of detail calculation to the view would unexpectedly remove valid null values from the view.


Creating and saving an extract on a Mac would sometimes cause Tableau Desktop to crash.


Added query cancel notifications for PostgreSQL and Vertica connections.

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