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  • Advanced Analytics

Using R and Tableau

R is a popular open-source environment for statistical analysis. Tableau Desktop can now connect to R through calculated fields and take advantage of R functions, libraries, packages and even saved...

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Discovery

5 Charts Every Sales Leader Should be Looking At

Measuring and monitoring sales progress by simply looking at percent of quota achieved, whether for an individual or for an entire organization, is no longer enough to be successful as a sales leader...

  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Discovery

Visualization: Set Your Analytics Users Free

Visual data discovery tools are a relatively new addition to the spectrum of business intelligence solutions. Data collected by the Aberdeen Group, found that employees in organizations that used...

  • Social Media Analytics

3 Ways to Measure Social Media Like a Genius

Tired of looking at the same old social media metrics from Facebook and Twitter? Ready to wow your customers, prospects and bosses with a brand new way of visualizing, exploring, and measuring social...

  • Working with Data

Go Beyond Excel to Analyze Your Data

Excel has its uses. But it's not always the best fit for the analytics job. Whether the data is out of date, or multiple versions of the same file are circulating among employees, limitations often...

Tableau Server Scalability Explained

Tableau Server is a solution for enterprises, and this means one of the most crucial features is the potential for massive scalability. To serve as an example, we deployed one of the largest...

  • Big Data
  • Working with Data

Tableau Cloud Security in the Cloud

Tableau Cloud brings Tableau to the cloud. Cloud-based software remove the cost and time involved in maintaining a server infrastructure, but they also come with questions: How can I be confident...

  • Business Intelligence

Cloud Based Analytics - Secure, Agile, and Accessible BI

What is a cloud based analytics solution? Cloud based analytics can be defined as hosting business intelligence analytics within a cloud computing source network. Analytics platforms are hosted...

  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile

This Changes Everything: Mobile Analytics and the Future of Business

Mobile analytics is at the core of a shifting business intelligence industry. With data-rich, interactive dashboards that can be accessed and explored on any device, a competitive advantage is...

  • Business Dashboards

6 Tips for Better Sales Performance Dashboards

Having an accurate visualization of your sales data means more powerful pipeline insights. It means people will listen to you, and you can skip bureaucracy to drive the bottom line forward and meet...