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7 Ways Sports Teams Win with Analytics

It may seem like the immediate success of any professional sports club starts with making the athletes better—to run faster, hit further, shoot more accurately and play smarter. But there’s more to...

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3 Shifts in the Modern Data Environment

The rapid pace of innovation in the database landscape is causing IT leaders to entirely re-evaluate their data environment strategies. From Hadoop, to NoSQL, to Cloud data assets – the expectation...

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Enabling Healthcare Analytics for Better Patient Outcomes

The healthcare industry is in the midst of momentous transformation. Yet most organizations, still equipped with old business models, still struggle to navigate the high demands for immediate...

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Understanding Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions

See how to use and leverage LOD Expressions in your analysis. At Tableau, our goal is to make data analysis a delightful experience. People tell us that when they are deeply engaged in Tableau...

  • Business Intelligence

Sales Performance Reporting

Sales performance reporting guides leadership’s decision making, and represents an important information management priority for many firms. This research investigates the use of performance...

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Salesforce Data

When it comes to sales metrics, everything from your pipeline to your revenue is mission critical—so your analytics solution needs to be fast, easy and talk seamlessly with your entire data ecosystem...

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  • Social Media Analytics

4 Charts Every Social Media Manager Needs

Measuring and monitoring social media impact by simply looking at growth of followers or reach is no longer enough to be successful as a social media manager. Whether you’re evaluating your social...

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5 Lessons from History's Early Data Rockstars

Data visualization has a rich and exciting history. The pioneers, data rockstars in their day, developed new ways of looking at and showing data. What are the most important lessons we can learn...

  • Embedded Analytics

Embedding Analytics with Tableau

In an age where data is king, the most effective way to offer state-of-the-art business intelligence within any application is through an Embedded Analytics partnership. Not only do customers expect...

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Four Reasons your Metadata is Broken

Metadata is more important now than ever. New technologies have enabled businesspeople who have traditionally not been analysts to work with data. The consumerization of IT means people expect...