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7 criteria to consider when embedding BI

Build or buy? Embedded analytics considerations Technology-driven organizations often face the question “Should we build or buy?” And when considering to build or buy a modern BI solution, there...

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8 Tips for Adding Analytics to Your Marketing Mix

Successfully plan for, capture, and quickly get answers from your data using these 8 easy tips. Marketing departments are more accountable than ever for metrics, ROI, and anything...

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The History of Data Visualizations - From Cave Drawings to Tableau

This paper traces the history of visual representation, from early cave drawings through the computer revolution and the launch of Tableau. We will discuss some of the pioneers in data research and...

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5 Best Practices for Telling Great Data Stories - And Why it Will Make You a Better Analyst

Data stories can bring facts to life. They can help you make sense and order out of a disparate collection of facts. They make it easier to remember key points and can paint a vivid picture of what...

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Visualizing Survey Data

Surveys are great tools for collecting data. You can determine your dimensions, make your hypotheses, and by the end have troves of data to work with. But then what do you do with it? This is...

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Visualizing Time: Beyond the Line Chart

The line chart has a long history of success for visualizing time, but is it always the best way to explore time data? It depends. For time-based data, the right...

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Five Dashboards Improving Student Achievement

The state of education continues to be one of the most notable challenges citizens and educators in the United States face today. Despite recent incremental improvements in the national dropout rate...

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Sales Performance Data's Impact on Managerial Decisions

Performance data are essential to managing sales organizations; without accurate data, management’s decision-making effectiveness is crippled. This research examines when, where, and how managers...

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Empowering Government Agency Leaders with Self-Service Data Visualization

What do Pixar, the creators of the animated films "Toy Story" and "Up!," and the Department of Defense have in common? One thing: both organizations know how to harness the power of visualization....

Hardware Planning and Server Configuration for Enterprise Tableau Deployments

Tableau Server is easy to install and configure yet has many features that can add complexity to deployments. This white paper aims to provide guidance and best practices for mission-critical...