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Seeing the Difference: Visual Analysis Streamlines Federal Grant Auditing

The human eye can process data at approximately 10 million bits per second. But how can you use this to your advantage? Attend this webinar and learn how one auditor, Manfred Zorn at the University of California Office of the President, did just that.

This webinar will present a case study on how Manfred was able to take thousands of expense records and develop more than a dozen different insights in just a few days. Instead of simply looking at the data in files, papers and crosstabs—which might have taken weeks, if not months—Manfred was able to use the power of visual reporting to identify outliers and other unusual transactions to achieve insights about grant compliance.

Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Increase the depth and rigor of internal audit testing, while keeping projects on budget and on time.
  • Answer complex questions about federal grant compliance faster than ever before.
  • Expand your auditing toolkit with visual reporting.
  • Raise internal audit’s stature as a problem solver among your organization’s stakeholders

Learn how Manfred was able to quickly identify potential red flags for external auditors and proactively investigate the results, streamlining the process for everyone involved.

Who should attend:
Audit, risk and compliance professionals in all industries. This webinar will focus on answering business and compliance questions in higher education and research grants, but the lessons are applicable across other industries. This webinar will be particularly helpful for any organizations facing complex grant or contractual requirements.

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