Tableau Prep Virtual Test Drive

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Join us for a Tableau Prep Virtual Test Drive to see how Tableau can equip you with a friendly and smart interface to combine, shape, and clean your data.

Tableau Prep Builder helps analysts and business users get data ready for analysis, while Tableau Prep Conductor allows you to govern and schedule the flows.

In this Virtual Test Drive, you will get hands-on experience preparing your data for analysis, while demonstrating the visual and sophisticated features that makes Tableau Prep your go-to data preparation tool. We will look at some common data problems a lot of companies are facing, such as:

  • Connecting to disparate data
  • Combining data sources without error
  • Curate, group, and clean data quickly
  • Distributing cleaned data in a secure platform

You will need to have Tableau Prep or the 14-day trial version installed.


About the speaker

Saad Ansari

Saad Ansari

Principal Solutions Engineer - Tableau

Saad Ansari is a Principal Solutions Engineer and has been with Tableau for nearly 4 years. He has spent his entire career in Data Analytics and has helped customers across many industries make sense of their data through visualizations. Saad enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments and recently took up woodworking.